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    3 ways tax reform will hit home valuesThe freshly-passed tax code could be a drag on home values. ... [more]

    Homeowners: Here's what's in the tax bill for youHomeowners would be able to deduct interest on the first $750,000 of a new mortgage under the final tax bill -- down from the current $1 million threshold. ... [more]

    What will your monthly mortgage payment be?In the market for a new home? Or planning to refinance? Find out what your monthly payment will be. ... [more]

    For many, the rent is still too damn highRental affordability has improved, but for many renters it's still a struggle to make ends meet. ... [more]

    This is how long it takes to sell a houseIt's a sellers market, which means wanna-be homeowners have to be move fast when a home hits the market. ... [more]

    Was my home a good investment?Calculate the return on your home and how it compares to returns on stocks, bonds and overall home prices. ... [more]

    Who's affected by the mortgage changes in the House tax billThe Republican tax bill proposes capping the mortgage interest deduction at $500,000. That's bad news for these home buyers. ... [more]

    Aston Martin is getting into... luxury real estate?!Aston Martin is getting into the real estate business with a new 66-story residential tower in Miami. ... [more]

    How to buy your first homeBuying a home is one of the most -- if not the most -- significant purchases of your adult life. So, you'll want to make sure you're really ready. ... [more]

    [Op-Ed] Leading companies are using multicultural marketing strategies on the front line as part of their total market strategy. The ones who are effective are not simply translating their flyers or a ... [more]

    [Op-Ed] What we all knew would happen has finally happened — the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, has stepped down and has been replaced with a person more aligne ... [more]

    Two and half years after the company he founded went bankrupt, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors CEO and President Steven Horne landed at Hladik, Onorato & Federman, a multi-state law firm focused on mo ... [more]

    When Capital One suddenly announced last year that it planned to exit its mortgage and home equity originations business, not much was known about what would happen to the more than 900 employees that ... [more]

    The NEXT conference is the first of its kind and focuses on women who are C-suite and senior execs in mortgage lending. The show kicked off to a promising start, despite cold temperatures and a much-r ... [more]

    New American Funding announced its expansion in Central Texas with its new branch in Austin, Texas. The company brought in the Leaman team, announcing its leader Max Leaman will guide the new team as ... [more]

    Mike Loughlin, who oversaw the risk management operations at Wells Fargo during the fallout of the housing crisis all the way through the bank’s recent fake account scandal, will retire this year. ... [more]

    The National Housing Conference, a nonprofit fair housing advocate, announced this week it hired David Dworkin to serve as the organization’s new president and CEO. Dworkin comes to NHC from the Depar ... [more]

    Movement Mortgage, one of the nation’s largest purchase mortgage lenders, announced this week that it hired Stephen Polacek to serve as the company’s new chief credit officer. In this role, Polacek wi ... [more]

    Are you a tech innovator in housing? This is your chance to show to us what you can do. The HW TECH100 is the essential list of the top 100 firms making waves in the housing and mortgage finance space ... [more]

    After multiple enforcement actions, lawsuits and multibillion-dollar settlements, state and federal regulators are making sluggish progress in their efforts to prod banks to help mortgage borrowers. B ... [more]

    David and Jackie Siegel are rebuilding their American dream—23 bathrooms and 13 bedrooms at a time. After halting construction four years ago on their 90,000-square-foot dream home—called Versailles—j ... [more]

    At first glance, the home in upstate New York isn't anything more than a steel door in the middle of the Adirondacks. But it's below the ground that matters. ... [more]

    This week in celebrity real estate, it’s about the guys. Action star Bruce Willis listed his Beverly Hills home for a whopping $22 million, Sean “Diddy” Combs dropped the price on his apartment, and R ... [more]

    American architect Charles Haertling was known for masterfully integrating homes with their natural surroundings, echoing Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture seen in Fallingwater, a house b ... [more]

    A number of high-profile stars either listed or bought properties this week: Ellen Degeneres bought a home in Montecito, Katy Perry bought three parcels to create a compound in Hollywood Hills and Dre ... [more]

    A sharp rise in mortgage rates over the last few weeks means it may be too late for some homeowners to benefit from a refinance. This just as thousands were gaining equity in their homes and finally b ... [more]

    In an area of new money and newer billionaires, a historic home is a bit of a find. Los Altos' landmark Morgan Estate, also called Stonebrook, was built in 1914 and is listed on the National Regi ... [more]

    Pssst. Hey you. Want to buy the Empire State Building? It's an old joke, but it's at least about to become partly true after investors gave the green light for a plan to include the iconic b ... [more]

    U.S. single-family home prices rose in March, racking up their best annual gain in nearly seven years in a further sign that the strengthening housing recovery is providing a source of support for the ... [more]

    Anna Faris is selling the home she shared with Chris PrattShe listed the Zen garden hideaway for $2.5 million. ... [more]

    In “The Hamptons” episode of “Seinfeld,” George Costanza (Jason Alexander) has a famed “shrinkage” incident after spending time in a cold swimming pool. Well, the East End home where that episode was ... [more]

    Jane Fonda sells Beverly Hills home at steep discountJane Fonda and ex Richard Perry settled for far less than their last asking price of $9.995 million. ... [more]

    From travel perks to nap pods, what millennials want at workNinety-six percent of professionals don’t care about the corner office, according to a new study from LinkedIn about success and what motivates today’s workforce. With half a billion professionals on ... [more]

    New York City’s fanciest offices are absolutely jaw-droppingRemember that episode of “Mad Men” when Joan complains about people walking through her office as a shortcut? These days, Joan probably wouldn’t have her own office — and even Don Draper would have to ... [more]

    Demand for New York City warehouses is surgingAs online shopping has boomed, the industrial warehouses needed to store all the stuff people are ordering have become the darling of the asset classes. According to CBRE, $1 billion in e-commerce sal ... [more]

    Offices woo tenants with snazzy lobbies and hotel-like amenitiesThose looking to lease office space have so many choices that building owners are rolling out red carpets to woo them. “Rents aren’t going to go up, and the rent concessions aren’t getting smaller,” s ... [more]

    New Yorkers go bonkers for ‘boutique’ design-savvy officesBite-sized office projects are booming. They can rise on small plots, don’t need big loans and boast curb appeal for tenants that want high-tech, classy and glassy homes. NYC’s new crop of boutique bu ... [more]

    Nike sued for its ‘rowdy’ SoHo storeJust stop it. A swishy Soho condo where “Real Housewife” Bethenny Frankel owns a $4.2 million loft is suing its neighbor Nike over promotional events that draw rowdy — and sometimes violent — crowds. ... [more]

    New hotels, rising rents plague Manhattan’s fur districtIf Santa slipped a sable under your tree this year, he probably picked it up in Manhattan’s fur district, a neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side filled with old-school fur retailers, manufacturers an ... [more]

    More than half of the day care centers in New York City are home-based, which means toddlers often get dropped off in residential buildings. ... [more]

    Posting a bad review is one thing, but what if a host calls you a bad guest? Would that make you crazy or push you to be a better version of yourself? ... [more]

    For two New York University students, a couple of years in the dorms was enough. But with a $3,000 budget, finding a decent two-bedroom wasn’t easy. ... [more]

    This week’s listings are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Midtown East, and Chelsea. ... [more]

    This week’s properties include a five-bedroom in Southport, Conn., and a four-bedroom in Irvington, N.Y. ... [more]

    The city received a record number of complaints about heat from renters during the first week of January, most of them from areas with lower rents. ... [more]

    A less expensive alternative to many New York City suburbs, Hackensack is building additional housing in an effort to attract millennials. ... [more]

    The generic townhouse in Carroll Gardens was nothing special. But now it’s family friendly, with surprising details. ... [more]

    Prices of homes in Germany have increased by more than 30 percent since 2012, but there are signs that the market is starting to slow down. ... [more]

    An equestrian estate in Knoxville, a townhouse in Chicago and a retreat on the north shore of Kauai. ... [more]

    This luxury period-style home on more than 50,000 square feet of land has a national park out the back door and is just a 90-minute drive from Sydney. ... [more]

    In Los Angeles, an abode that has housed generations of Hollywood legends can be the ultimate status symbol, but there are complications when it is time to sell. ... [more]

    Known as “Gemini,” the nearly 16-acre estate south of Palm Beach is one of the highest priced listings in the country ... [more]

    A creative director crafts a San Francisco home dedicated to daring, whimsy and fun. ... [more]

    Buyers value new, highly personalized houses—forget resales. This model has one happy side-effect: a flourishing of some of the world’s most wonderfully bizarre architecture. ... [more]

    The seller is Jon Venetos, the former head of Surveyor Capital, which is part of hedge-fund giant Citadel. ... [more]

    Increasingly, developers use a wide range of splashy affairs to promote luxury residential real-estate sales in autumn, the most important sales period after spring. ... [more]

    Microsoft will step onto one of the world’s biggest retail stages Monday when it opens its Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan as part of its strategy to boost direct contact with consumers. ... [more]

    With a new Chelsea condominium that’s 80% sold, Scott Resnick shows he’s up to the challenge of developing residential projects on his own. ... [more]

    A. Alfred Taubman, the self-made billionaire who cemented the enclosed shopping mall into American culture has died. He was 91. ... [more]

    Here’s a list of open houses taking place Jan. 20-21 in Virginia. We’ve divided the list by counties. To learn more about the properties for sale, click on the link underneath the address, which will ... [more]

    Here’s a list of open houses taking place Jan. 20-21 in the District. We’ve divided the list by quadrants. To learn more about the properties for sale, click on the link underneath the address, which ... [more]

    Here’s a list of open houses taking place Jan. 20-21 in Maryland. We’ve divided the list by counties. To learn more about the properties for sale, click on the link underneath the address, which will ... [more]

    Not long after James Wren designed the church that would give Falls Church its name, he built this home, using some of the bricks left over from the church’s construction. Wren, whose long and product ... [more]

    The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage broke above the 4 percent barrier this week for the first time since July. According to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate average ... [more]

    Fans of the Bravo TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” which ran from 2003-2007, likely remember interior designer Thom Filicia. His latest project, the first time he has ventured into a condo de ... [more]

    Superstar LeBron James has doubled down on the Los Angeles housing market. Last month, according to, he purchased a $23 million gated property in the same Brentwood neighborh ... [more]

    Q: Is it wise to refinance my mortgage if it has a balance of just $26,000? The loan was for 30 years at a fixed interest rate of 7.5 percent. I purchased the home and took out the loan in 1996. My pa ... [more]

    If you relish the idea of living in a resort all year and you have deep pockets, the historic estate at 26849 Double Mill Rd. in Easton, Md., may beckon. The Eastern Shore estate rests on 10 acres tha ... [more]

    Unlike buying most other big-ticket items, a lot can go wrong with appliance purchases. If your new tablet doesn’t work, you can just return it and get a replacement. But you can’t easily tote your ne ... [more]

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